Killington Mountain Ambassador Page

Caroline and Bob became Killington Mountain Ambassadors during the 2000-2001 ski season. In this role they act as hosts and guides, with duties that include greeting guests as they arrive at the mountain, giving directions on and off the mountain, and spending time at the large maps which are located at strategic points around the resort.

When skiing/riding, Ambassadors are assigned to a specific area of the resort i.e. Killington, Bear Mountain, Sky Peak, Snowdon, Rams Head, and Snowshed or a combination of these areas.  Pico Mountain is also staffed by Ambassadors.  While on mountain they keep a lookout for any guest that may need assistance and when necessary use a hand-held radio to report an injury or the need for a transport.  Base operations relays the report and coordinates with ski patrol to come to the rescue.

Through the years, Bob has recorded different events involving the ambassador program. He has created videos from these pictures, which are accessible from the links below.