Bob’s Interest in Photography

Bob has been interested in photography most of his life. That is, he has almost always owned a camera and has taken lots of pictures.  With the introduction of digital technology, he began to purchase bridge cameras; i.e., mirrorless cameras with the ability to adjust the lens opening, the shutter speed, and the sensitivity of the camera sensor in either automatic or manual modes.

He has never owned an SLR camera mainly because he didn’t want to be burdened with carrying and changing additional lenses.

About the turn of the century, Bob went digital. No more loose-leaf albums with photos in plastic liners. Now he uploads his pictures to, and adds text to online pages, to create a hardcover book that USPS delivers in a week. Caroline is a big help using her editing skills during the creation process. The library of Shutterfly volumes continues to grow.

Bob also displays his pictures electronically with music and narration on YouTube and Vimeo.  These are good sites to post videos that he creates to illustrate travels, family affairs, fun excursions, and Killington Ambassador events.

Bob has more recently taken an interest in time-lapse and infrared photography. He also enjoys producing videos of the pictures he takes of special projects, events, and travel. The links below are only a few examples:

Time-Lapse Videos: Click Here

Infrared Photography: Click Here