Bob’s Earlier Years

Pictures from the Past of Bob’s Earlier Life

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At a very early age
Not quite a teenager
Bob in his sailor suitAt a very early age with his father who was in the US Navy at that time. The picture was taken in the early 1940s at Pilgrim Ave in Trenton, NJ.
Another shot with Robert Germond (Sr.).
picture of bob in his late 20s

In front of the Power Generators Inc building where Bob worked prior to earning his BS degree.
Bob with PGI people at pool party PGI colleagues gather at the Germonds’ backyard swimming pool.
Bob and Santa Bob, age 11, visits Santa Claus at Yard’s Department Store in Trenton, NJ.
This is a picture of Bob's cousin Edwin; his mother, Irene Cox, holding Kim; step-father Ed; and sons Bobby & Keith.
Bob,Bobby,& KeithFather and sons at Seaside Heights, NJ during 1960s: Bob Jr., Bobby III, and Keith.
bob and kimBob with his daughter, Kim. They are standing next to his '64 Dodge Dart convertible.
high school bobA student at Trenton High School.
1969 graduation from Drexel University with a BS degree in Engineering.
This is an old passport photo of Bob
Picture taken in the early 1990s--what a change compared to earlier years.