Bob has many interests. Among the things he enjoys are skiing, traveling, photography, and his many computer projects.  As you can see he is a webmaster:  he has created the site you are on as well as,, and . His interest in the web began in the mid-1990s, when he developed for email.  This is going to be updated in the near future with current information and using newer software technology.

The site you are presently on is Bob’s introduction to himself and his interests; skiing, photography, and the Killington Mountain Ambassador program for which both he and his wife Caroline volunteer.

Since Caroline and Bob have a condo at Killington Gateway in Mendon, VT, he created to keep other owners up-to-date with the business of the HOA.

In January 2000, Bob retired from the Department of Defense where he was an electrical engineer for 24 years. Early in his career he worked for the John A. Roebling steel corporation in Trenton, NJ as a combustion technician.  Later he went to work for Power Generators Inc., also located in Trenton. There he was a technical writer and became supervisor of the Technical Writing Department. During his time at PGI he attended Drexel University during the evenings, and earned a B.S. degree in electrical engineering. It was after graduating from Drexel that Bob went to work for the Department of Defense.  At the Naval Air Engineering Center in Lakehurst, NJ, he designed the control circuits that operate steam catapults on aircraft carriers. Later in his career he went to work for the Information Systems Command at Fort Monmouth, NJ. There, he held the position of Project Officer where he developed and managed computer contracts for the Army and Joint Services.  After twelve years at Fort Monmouth, Bob retired from his professional duties.

Upon retiring, he and his wife Caroline decided to spend most of their time doing what they most loved:  skiing. The first year they rented an apartment that was just minutes from the Bromley ski area in Vermont. That season they skied at Bromley, Magic, Stratton, and Killington. The next season they rented an apartment near Killington, Vermont. This is when they joined the Killington Mountain Ambassador Program. They have been volunteering as Mountain Ambassadors since October 2000, and are grateful for the opportunity to represent the Killington-Pico Ski Resort to visiting guests.